MZF4 is a family owned company established in Brazil by Italian immigrants since 1953.

  • More than 65 years customizing polymers and monofilaments downward the nylon chain;
  • High quality specialty polymers;
  • Tailor made monofilaments physical properties delivering the best strings to you;
  • Strings extruded within 1% diameter variation avoiding mechanical rectification in order to reach a very pure sound;
  • Factory-to-Business sales aiming for a more competitive price;
  • Parallel winded spools under an electronic tension control system rendering zero longitudinal torsions (pre cut strings also available).
The crystal strings are our higher quality standard but we can provide more than 500 different translucent shades of colors.   

MZF4 is an ISO9001:2015 certified company driven by innovation and connected to your R&D towards extreme product customization.